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Container Delivery

Delivery Methods Depend on Your Worksite As Well
Pretcon Container have container depots situated right across the country, which means we can offer a fast shipping container delivery service South Africa-wide. We know time is money when it comes to business, and consequently we usually arrange to have our containers delivered to your site within a few days.


How to Get a Shipping Container Delivered
Getting a shipping container delivered is easy with Pretcon Container, with the standardized sizes ensuring a container can be transferred from depot to truck (or ship) and off to the worksite (or home) efficiently and easily.


Tilt Tray Delivery
Our tilt tray shipping container delivery transporters come in a range of sizes depending on your purchased container. We commonly use a 20′ tilt tray transporter which allows us to transport one 20′ shipping container, or two 10′ shipping containers. We also have an optional 20′ trailer that attaches to the 20′ tilt tray transporter that allows for an additional 20′ shipping container.

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Side Loading Delivery
Side loaders are used to transport our 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers. This is the best delivery method for container at sites that have limited space either in front or behind the area where the container is to be positioned. The container is unloaded between the two outrigger feet of the side loader, approximately half a metre from the side of the truck.

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Hiab Delivery
A Hiab Transporter is a crane-mounted truck. This is used for shipping container delivery when there is limited space for a side loader or tilt tray. Using a crane means the container is easily positioned at an angle or up on a raised area. It can also be used to place containers over a fence or other obstacles. A Hiab Transporter can deliver 10 foot, 20 foot or 40 foot containers.

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Semi Trailer Delivery
A semi trailer is usually a cheaper option of delivery, though a forklift or crane is needed to remove the container from the vehicle when it has reached the drop off location. This option is only recommended if you have the equipment needed to off-load the shipping container from the flat bed transporter, as this is not arranged by PSC.