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Flat Rack Shipping Containers

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Flat rack shipping containers consist of a flat bed with either fixed or collapsible ends, or no ends at all. The efficiency of standardized shipping is built on the premise that containers can be easily transported from ship to port to truck or train, and oversized or difficult goods are no exception. Pretcon Container are situated in a industry built on innovative ideas, and it continues to innovate itself everyday.


Oversized cables, drums, metal sheets, steel coils, wood, trucks, heavy equipment, large industrial parts, construction materials and even boats are just some of the items that a flat rack shipping container can transport. Got a yacht that needs transporting? A water tank or bulldozer? Flat rack shipping containers are more likely the right container for the job.


Amazingly, flat rack containers can still be stacked as well. Whilst flat racks don’t have fixed side walls or load-carrying structures, they still have the standardised weight bearing corner fittings both at the top and bottom of the container so that they can still be safely stacked (if the load is wide, rather than high) and easily handled.


Flat Rack Shipping Container Range:
20 foot Collapsible-End Flat Rack Containers.
20 foot Fixed-End Flat Rack Containers.
20 foot Platform Flat Rack Containers.
40 foot Collapsible-End Flat Rack Containers.
40 foot Fixed-End Flat Rack Containers.
40 foot Platform Flat Rack Container.

Here at Pretcon Container we have a range of new and used flat rack shipping containers are available for sale or hire in 20-foot and 40-foot sizes in fixed-end, platform and collapsible configurations, one of which is no doubt perfect for you.


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